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An Online Quiz to Test Conceptual Understanding

The test is 21 questions long and tests the concepts of current, potential difference and resistance in series and parallel circuits containing lightbulbs, switches, batteries and resistors. It provides your students with feedback in the form of badges rewarding them for their performance and suggesting resources to them to improve. The students' data is anonymously collected to check the relative difficulties of different concepts and the occurences of different "alternative conceptions" or misunderstandings. Students are given a code which they can send to their teacher to collate the data and review understanding for assessment or further teaching.

Using the Test

Step 1 - Generate a Class Code

Use this link to input your details and generate a class code. This ensures the qulaity of the data for the study and informs the researchers as to the school year, location and school type of the learners. If you want you can sign up to recieve more information about the study, to get more free resources and take part in further research.

Step 2 - Distribute the Testing Link and Class Code to your Class

Send this link talkingcircuits.com/test.html and the class code generated in the last step to your class. They will be told that they should send their code after completion, but it couldn't hurt to remind them!

Step 3 - Collect the Data and Interpret it using a Spreadsheet

Using this Excel spreadsheet you can decode the codes from the students. The spreadsheet will show you the total marks, marks for specific concepts (potential difference, current , resistance, etc.) as well as showing you common misconceptions, which you can address during contact time.

The Structure of the Test

There are two variants of the test Test A and Test B, they have roughly the same level of difficulty that test the same content. The students recieve a randomised version of the test when you send them a link.

12 Common Questions

9 Set A Questions

9 Set B Questions


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